About us

Our vision

We created Noodio because we believe that there are many exquisite musicians inside the local music scene, creating quality content and in many different music genres, but unfortunately do not get the attention they deserve.

Our vision is to organize the local music scenes in a global range and reshape the way music promotion and discovery function. On one hand, we want to turn music into a viable professional option for musicians, help them reach out to a greater audience, organize bigger and better live events and ultimately increase their profit. On the other hand, we aspire to improve the way music lovers are entertained, help them discover quality content and great musicians and keep them informed about all the live events and activities that take place in their area and that are organized by the bands they love.

And after two and a half years of hard work, we are proud to finally make Noodio available to the world and we hope that you will enjoy using it as much as we enjoy building it!

The team

Argiris Stergiou (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-Founder, Back-end Engineer

Christoforos Varakliotis (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-Founder, Front-end Engineer, UX Designer

Christoforos Dimitriadis (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-Founder, Back-end Architecture, System Administrator

Nikolaos Nanas (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Co-Founder, Product Manager

Giorgos Skiadopoulos (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Business Developer

Dafni Papailiaki (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Digital Marketer


Tasos Koutsofavas (LinkedIn, Twitter)

Brand Designer, UI/UX Designer